Nerd Crew Red Hand of Doom

Stalling an army

Wear down bridge supports, plant wards on bridge then return to town.
Convince Drellin’s Ferry to tactically advance rearward.
Head north up river.
Radcliffe the Excitedgrants Bison water breathing;Bison pulls the boat up river. Sometime late morning, there is a muted rumble of thunder in the distance. Much to our delight, a hour or so later, a small band of goblinoids and other baddies floated their way past us. The bridge plan was a complete success. Just after noon,Bison pulled us to the edge of marshes.

Clear a road block on the Old North Road then cross lake into said marshes.
A bladed green dragon spawn of Tiamat impales boat.
We kill. Find and take it’s treasure. Some elvish things are included.



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